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Note: All eBook and Access Codes currently available through the MRU BookStore are only accessible for a limited period of time.  READ here for more information

We give you choices, find your course materials two different ways.

1. Create a personalized booklist using your Student ID number


2. Search for specific course requirements by using the drop down boxes below.

  • Select a term to get started.
  • Select your department, course, and section, and it will be added to your course list.
  • When you are done adding courses, click "Choose Books" to select the books you wish to purchase.
  • If no books are showing up for your course, then that means there is No Material Requested yet.

Either way, once your list is created, you can print it or save it to your mobile device. Then bring the list with you to shop in the store, or simply select the materials you want and order them online.

Continuing Education Students: If you are having difficulty getting a booklist, you will need to enter your course code in the drop down boxes below.
Example: 124 Current -Fall 12  XBPR 20002 001

Please Note: 

  • Before ordering an eBook or Access Code READ THIS FIRST
  • Availability of used books is not guaranteed.
  • New books will be provided at the new book price if used books are not available. 
  • Be advised that prices are subject to change.

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