How to Submit a Course Pack

The following is a general outline on how to properly submit a course pack to the bookstore for use during a semester. This process must be followed every academic year, even if the course pack was approved the previous year.

Step 1a: First time submission of a course pack for the current academic year

If this is a new course pack for the academic year, or a course pack with changes for this academic year, than the following must be submitted to the bookstore by the Semester Course Pack Submission Deadline.

A. A copy of the material

- All instructors are responsible for providing copies of the material

  - The bookstore does not provide free photocopying or cleaning of the material. The Digital Print Center in the bookstore is available to provide clean copies of the material, however, payment will be required.

- Electronic copies are preferred

  B. Bookstore Custom Material Worksheet - Download <here> 

  - This sheet indicates how the course pack is to be printed.

  C. Course Pack Copyright Worksheet (A) - E-mail to receive the worksheet

  - This must be signed by the instructor

  D. Course Pack Copyright Worksheet (B) - E-mail to receive the worksheet

  - When completed this is to be e-mailed to

  - If the instructor created all materials in the course pack including images/charts/diagrams, etc., select "Me (I created this item)" under Source Type on Part B

  - A course pack checklist will be sent to help you with this new form

Step 1b: Submitting a course pack already used this academic year

If this is a course pack that has already been submitted previously this academic year, then the following must be submitted:

  A: Affirmation of No Changes Form (C) - E-mail to receive the worksheet

  - To be signed by the instructor if the course pack has been reviewed for copyright compliance in the academic year and no changes have been since that review.

  - This form is not to be used for the fall semester, nor if it is the course pack's first use in the academic year.

  B: Bookstore Custom Material Worksheet - Download <here>

  - If dates or sections need to be changed, this form must be completed with the changes indicated.

Skip Steps 2 & 3 and go to Step 4

Step 2: To the Copyright Advisor

Once all the above information has been received, the Bookstore will contact the copyright advisor that the material is ready for review. Submissions are reviewed in the order received. Please be advised that it can take up to 6-8 weeks to obtain copyright permissions.

When the review is complete and all licenses/permissions/grants have been obtained, the Copyright Advisor will sign off and return the material to the Bookstore

The instructor may be contacted if there are any issues with the material that has been submitted. It is up to the instructor to respond in a timely manner; failure to do so may result in the late delivery of the course pack(s)


Step 3: Proofing Stage

  A. If there are changes or it is new material, it will be sent to Digital Print Services to create a proof copy.

  B. The instructor will be contacted and will have to sign off on the proof. As it is their material, only the instructor can sign off on the proof.

  C. If changes are required, depending on severity of errors, either a new proof can be done, or changes will be noted and the proof can be signed off for printing.

The proof is the instructor's copy. Any additional copies must be paid for by P-Card.

Step 4: Printing and Stock

  Bookstore will place orders for the course packs.

The bookstore typically does not print full enrollment to avoid writing off surplus copies. We base our orders on previous years' sales. If the bookstore runs out, students will need to order online or prepay in store to get a copy.

Deadlines for Course Pack Submissions are as follows:

Fall - May 30

Winter - Oct 15

Spring - Mar 1

Summer - May 30

If there is a late submission or approval on the course pack, the course pack may not be available for the first week of classes.