Coursepacks or Manuals

How do I order a Coursepack or Manual?
• Verba process identifies three users- Submitter, Reviewer and Approver which is similar to the current process, someone chooses the books (Submitter), forms are reviewed and signed (Reviewer) and then sent to the BookStore (Approver). 
• Information was gathered from departments to identify users. If submitters are identified as Faculty – information is pulled directly from scheduling. If the class has not been assigned by the time the data is pulled then the information will default to Admin Assistants/Reviewers who will either enter the instructors name once it is known or fill out the information if they know what will be used. 
• The BookStore will send out emails using Verba system to submitters with a link to their courses where they can either use the same material again or add or delete material. By submitting their request, it will automatically go to the Reviewer who can review and then either click to forward to the BookStore or make any necessary changes.

Please noteFor all Continuing Education course material adoptions, the BookStore still requires section numbers and corresponding CRNs and start dates. This information can be submitted in the 'Instructor Name' field.

• Any courses for which instructors have not been allocated will go directly to the reviewer for either forwarding once course has been allocated or for information input. Reviewers will be able narrow down to courses without submitters by clicking the appropriate link in the left-hand panel of the Courses page. They can then visit each course and add a submitter to each section or course. If the departmental reviewer does not know who is responsible for a section, but has the authority to select the books for that section, they may do so and mark it as submitted and reviewed. 
• Any time changes are made anyone who is involved in the process for that particular course is notified. 
• BookStore will use Verba for automated emails to remind submitters to select material and submit. Reviewers will also get notification that reminder emails have been sent. 
• As statuses change (because a submitter submits or a reviewer reviews, etc.) Verba Collect automatically looks up the next person responsible for the section and makes them aware with an email that action is required. If a submission is incorrect, bookstore staff can click the "Let All Edit" button on the Edit Reading List page, include a note describing the problems and notify both submitters and reviewers in for that section of the course that corrections are required. The submitter/reviewer then makes changes accordingly and resubmits, at which point it returns to the list of sections ready for bookstore action. 
• Bookstore staff will log into Verba Collect on a regular basis to approve sections, export textbook reading lists for students and download into our inventory database so orders can be placed.
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Reviewer Basics

Manually Adding Courses

How to Add a Submitter

Splitting Sections

Building a new Coursepack or Manual

Due to recent changes in copyright guidelines the process for building Coursepacks/Manuals has changed and will be in effect for Spring 2013.

Manuals (lab manuals, course notes etc.) with no copyrighted material, will continue to be processed as before.

Please bring or email your non-copyrighted material to the BookStore. Material must be accompanied by a completed Manual Worksheet.

Submission deadlines
At least four weeks are usually needed to complete production and printing. We request all manual materials be submitted to the BookStore by:

• March 1 — Spring / Summer Semester 
• April 15 — Fall Semester 
• Oct. 15 — Winter Semester

All Coursepacks containing copyright must now follow the Mount Royal University Fair Dealing Guidelines and as such can be posted on BlackBoard.

If you require print copies of a coursepack containing copyrighted materials, please fill out the   Copyright Permission Worksheet. with all of the requested information along with a completed CoursepackWksht_Copyright and submit to Jennifer MacKenzie at the email below.

More information can be found at by contacting the Copyright Advisor at

Please contact Jennifer MacKenzie by email or 403.440.6188 for further information.