Faculty Course Material Requests
A step-by-step guide

This step-by-step guide provides information for instructors and faculty on submitting course material requests using Verba Collect, logging into Verba Collect and coursepack submissions.

Please contact us or refer to the video resources if you need additional support.


Verba Collect video resources

If you’re new to using this system, the following video tutorials are always accessible in your faculty view of Verba Collect:

Getting Started: Courses & Section

Copying From Other Adoptions

Adding Materials Manually

Submitting Your Adoptions

If you need step-by-step instructions, see below.


Submitting course material requests

We use Verba Collect for course material requests. To get started you will need to sign into Verba Collect with a personalized link. This link creates a profile for you and generates the courses or departments you are responsible for. The Campus Store will send out an email with this link before the start of each semester. Please see the table below under "Verba Opens" for the email schedule.

The Cougars Campus Store relies on instructors and faculty to submit course material requests before the deadline of each semester to ensure students can purchase their materials before the start of class. With changes to supply chains, we are finding that sourcing materials can be challenging. The earlier we get your submissions, the more time we have to source, order, and receive the materials and get them in the hands of students.

The following table shows approximately when Verba Collect submissions open and close:

Term Verba opens Submission deadline
Fall Last Monday of April Last Friday of May
Winter Last Monday of September 3rd Friday of October
Spring 2nd Monday of February 2nd Friday of March
Summer 2nd Monday of March 2nd Friday of April

*These dates are approximate and are subject to change


Using Verba Collect

The following steps outline the receipt and approval process of submitted material within Verba Collect:


Step 1: Receiving a course material submission request

When the submission period opens you will receive one or more emails depending on how many courses you are assigned, asking you to submit materials for your course(s). See example below and click the “Submit Adoption” button.


Screenshot of an example email from Verba Collect


Step 2: Select your course and section

You will be directed to the Verba Collect website and will need to choose the course that you would like to submit materials for. Please watch this video tutorial on getting started and selecting your course and section.


Step 3: Adding materials

Once you have selected the correct course and section, you can submit the materials that you would like to use during the semester. You can either search for new materials in the database, use previously adopted or submitted materials from past semesters, or add materials manually.


Step 3a. Searching for new materials using the database

Verba Collect has an extensive database for you to search for new materials. Follow the steps below:


1. Click the “Add New Materials” tab at the top below the course and section.

Screenshot of the Verba Collect website with the 'Add New Materials' tab selected and no items listed



2. Enter the ISBN (the number located on the back of the book) or title in the search field. You can also search by author but the ISBN will be the most precise.

Screenshot of the Verba Collect website with the 'Add New Materials' tab selected and a book showing as the search result



3. Once you have found the material that you are looking for click “Quick Add to List”. Or if you want more information about the selected material click “View Details”. Within the “View Details” window you can also click “Add Book” to your list

Screenshot of the Verba Collect website showing a specific book listing



4. Choose the settings for this item and click “Apply” to have your book added to the list of materials for the course. The list of settings include:

  • If the item is required or optional
  • If an ebook format is acceptable
  • If this item is a package and all components are required


Screenshot of Item Requirements menu for a specific book


5. The book will be added to the list of titles for the course.


Step 3b. Copying from other adoptions

To make the submission process even easier you can submit previously used materials.


1. Click the “Copy Another Adoption” tab at the top below the course and section.

Screenshot of the Verba Collect website with the 'Copy Another Adoption' tab selected


2. Review the previously used materials. If you require more information click “View Details” (within the “View Details” window you will have to click “Add Book” to continue) If you are satisfied with the previously used material click “Quick add to List”. If you are not satisfied with the previously used materials, follow step 3a to add new materials or step 3c to add new materials manually.

3. Choose the requirements for this item (outlined under Step 3a, #4) and click “Apply”

4. The title will be added to the list of materials for the course.


Please watch the video tutorial if you need assistance.


Step 3c. Adding materials manually

If the database does not generate the title you are looking for follow these steps to add materials manually:


1. Click the “Add Manually” tab at the top below the course and section.

Screenshot of the Verba Collect website with the 'Add Manually' tab selected


2. Choose the type of material you would like to add i.e. book or coursepack. Please ensure to have the title, author, ISBN, edition and publisher information available when you are adding the material(s). Fill in as much information as you can and when you are finished click “Add Book”.

Screenshot of the Verba Collect website with the 'Add Book' option on the 'Add Manually' tab



3. Choose the requirements for this item (outlined above in Step 3a, #4) and click “Apply” and your item will be added to the list of materials for the course.

4. The title will be added to the list of materials for the course.


Please watch the video tutorial if you need assistance.


Step 4: Submitting materials

After adding all the materials to your list, you will need to review and submit the materials.

1. Click ‘Review and Submit’ in the top right corner.

Green Review and Submit button


2. Review the details of the materials you are submitting and fill in the “Additional Details” sections. When you are finished, click “Submit Adoptions” to complete the process.

Screenshot of the Review & Submit page with one selection of the Verba Collect site


Please watch this video tutorial if you need assistance.


Step 5: Review of materials by department

After submitting the adoption, an email will be sent to the department administrator asking them to review the submitted material(s). Once the department has reviewed the submission, they mark it as reviewed and it is forwarded to the Campus Store for approval.

Please note: For some departments this step does not apply. The course coordinator or administrative assistant will submit and review the materials rather than assigning to each individual instructor.


Step 6: Approval of materials by the Campus Store

The Campus Store will source the chosen materials and aim to have it in stock for the start of class each semester. The department and/or professor will be contacted if there are any delays or if the Campus Store cannot bring in the selected materials.


Can't login to Verba Collect?

If you have not received an email with a Verba Collect link or have lost it, please follow these steps:


Step 1:

Go to https://mtroyal.verbacollect.com/users/lost

Screenshot of the Verba Collect Recover access landing page


Step 2:

Enter your email address and click “Recover Access”

Screenshot of the Verba Collect Recover access landing page with an email entered


Step 3:

You should receive a new personalized link to login to Verba. Please see the example email below:

Screenshot of a recovery email



Coursepack submissions

How to submit a coursepack

The following steps outline how to submit a coursepack to the campus store for use during a semester. This process must be completed every semester by the deadlines listed below, even if the coursepack was approved the previous year.

If you are submitting a new coursepack or updating a previously submitted course pack please start at Step 1a and skip Step 1b.

If you are submitting a coursepack already used this academic year and there are no changes to the contents please skip Step 1a and start at Step 1b.


Step 1a: First-time submission of a coursepack for the current academic year

If this is a new coursepack or a used coursepack requiring changes for the upcoming academic year, then the following must be submitted to the campus store by the Semester Coursepack Submission Deadline.


1. A PDF copy of the material

All instructors are responsible for providing copies of the requested material. The course documents must be print-ready. Any copying or editing of the material must be completed prior to submission. Electronic copies are preferred.

2. Campus Store Custom Material Worksheet

This sheet indicates how the coursepack is to be printed.

3. Coursepack Copyright Worksheet (A)

4. Coursepack Copyright Worksheet (B)


Once completed, these forms should be emailed to coursematerial@mtroyal.ca


If the instructor created all materials in the coursepack including images/charts/diagrams, etc., select "Me (I created this item)" under “Source Type” on Part B. A coursepack checklist will be emailed to you along with the forms to help guide you through this process.


Step 1b: Submitting a coursepack already used this academic year

If this is a coursepack that has already been submitted this academic year and requires no adjustments for the upcoming semester, then the following must be submitted:

1. Affirmation of No Changes Form (C)

This form is be signed by the instructor if the coursepack has been reviewed for copyright compliance in the academic year and no changes have occurred since that review. This form is not to be used for the fall semester, nor if it is the first time using this particular coursepack in the current academic year (see Step 1a).

2. Campus store Custom Material Worksheet

If dates or sections need to be changed, this form must be completed with the changes indicated. Once you’ve completed the indicated forms as part of step 1b, please skip steps 2 & 3 and proceed to step 4.


Step 2: Sending material to the copyright advisor

Once all of the above information has been received, the campus store will contact the copyright advisor now that the material is ready for review. Submissions are reviewed in the order they are received. Please note that it can take up to 6-8 weeks to obtain copyright permissions.

When the review is complete and all licenses/permissions/grants have been obtained, the copyright advisor will sign off and return the material to the campus store.

Note: The instructor may be contacted if there are any issues with the submitted material. It is up to the instructor to respond in a timely manner. Failure to do so may result in late delivery of the coursepack(s).


Step 3: Now the coursepack is ready for proofing

After receiving the appropriate forms, it will be sent to Document Services and submitted digitally through PrintSYS to create a proof copy.

The instructor will be contacted and will have to sign off on the proof. As it is their material, only the instructor can approve the proof.

If changes or errors are identified and depending on the number of errors, either a new proof will be created or changes will be noted and the proof can be signed off for printing.

Note: The proof is the instructor's copy. Any additional copies must be paid for by P-Card.


Step 4: Printing and inventory

The campus store will place orders with Document Services for the coursepacks. Coursepacks will be available for sale online and in-store when ready.

The campus store typically does not print full enrollment to avoid surplus copies. Orders are based on sales in previous years. If the campus store sells out, students will need to order online or prepay in-store to get a copy of the material.


Course Pack Submission Deadlines:

Fall – Last Friday in May

Winter – 3rd Friday of October

Spring – 2nd Friday of March

Summer – 2nd Friday in April

If there is a late submission or approval on the coursepack, the coursepack may not be available for the first week of classes.


Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns submitting course materials, using Verba Collect or course packs please email us at coursematerial@mtroyal.ca