Faculty Course Material Requests
A step-by-step guide


The Campus Store uses Verba Collect to receive and approve all course material requests. This faculty- and staff-focused guide provides instruction on the course material submission process through the Verba Collect platform, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.


Course Material Request Process

There are three primary roles in the course material request process:

  • Department Reviewers
    • Assigns Section Submitters to courses within their responsible departments and review all course material requests.
  • Section Submitters
    • Submit course material requests for assigned courses.
  • Course Materials Team
    • Process and approve course material requests that have been verified by the Department Reviewers.


Once submissions open, Department Reviewers assign courses and sections to Section Submitters. Section Submitters upload material requests for each course and section they are assigned. Department Reviewers then verify and review the requested materials. If no Section Submitter is assigned then the Department Reviewer is responsible for submitting requests for that section, including “No Course Materials Required”. Once in a “Reviewed” status the Course Materials team processes the requested course materials and changes the status to “Approved” once the materials have been sourced.




Submission Calendar

Verba Collect opens for course material requests for the Fall 2022 semester on April 1, 2022 and the first orders will be placed on June 30, 2022 for any materials submitted and reviewed by end of day June 15, 2022.





Any orders received by the end date of a Request Period will be ordered by or on the order date for that period. To ensure a request is ordered by a specific date, it must be in a Reviewed status by that Request Period’s end date. Requests that are changed or added after the end date for a period will be ordered on the following Order Date.

No submissions or changes to existing submissions will be accepted after the Deadline for Submissions.


Instructions for Section Submitters

Section Submitters are responsible for the course material requests for sections they are assigned. These include:

  • Material requests (textbooks, supplies, or OER materials)
  • Indicating a section has no text or material requirement
  • Indicating a section is no longer offered

If you are assigned to a section as a Submitter, you will receive an email with an invitation and link to submit your request for course materials. Click on Submit Adoption to open the Verba Collect platform.


To Submit a Course Material request:

  1. Log into Verba Collect at https://mtroyal.verbacollect.com/session/new. Submitters receive an email when assigned a section that contains instructions on how to create an account and log in.
  2. Select the course you are requesting materials for from the list of Open Courses. A panel will open at the side where you can either select individual or multiple sections, or use “Select All” to choose all available sections. Click “Next” to continue.
  3. Select one of the three available options:
    1. Yes, I need to add books, OER materials, or supplies. (If the section has materials, either optional or required)
    2. No, I do not need to add books, OER materials, or supplies. (If the section requires no text, materials or supplies) - Skip to Step 6.
    3. No, this section is not offered. (If the section is no longer being offered) - Skip to Step 6.
  4. If you need to request materials, your options are to:
    1. Copy Another Adoption - to add materials that have been used in a previous semester. Use the filters to select the Semester, Course, and Section to find those materials, and the “Quick Add to List” button to select the materials.
    2. Add New Materials - to search for materials to add to your request. Search by ISBN, Author or Title and select the material with the “Quick Add to List” button.
    3. Add Materials Manually - to select the materials you want to add and fill the details manually. If you require Course packs or Supplies without ISBNs, select this option and provide as much information as possible.
  5. For each material added, select if it is Required/Optional, and answer the other questions regarding the adoption.
  6. Once everything is submitted, enter the estimated enrollment for your section, enter a new instructor (if necessary), and add any additional notes about this request that needs to be communicated.

At this point, the status of the Adoption is Submitted. The next step is for the Department Reviewer to review the Adoption and set the status to Reviewed.


Instructions for Department Reviewers

Once a request for course materials has been submitted, the Department Reviewer reviews the request and decides if it is complete or needs to be modified before setting the status to Reviewed. Once the status is Reviewed, the Course Materials team will process the request.


Course Packs

Course Packs must be submitted to the Campus Store every semester, regardless of whether or not they have been used in a previous semester. There must be a course pack request on Verba to complete the steps below. Course Packs must be submitted by their deadline or they will not be accepted.




Once a course pack is submitted through Verba Collect please follow the process below to complete the request.


Requirements for Submission:


New Course Packs, or new versions of a previously used Course Pack

The Course Materials team requires:

  1. A print-ready PDF file of the course pack contents
  2. Campus Store Custom Material Worksheet
  3. Coursepack Copyright Worksheet (A)
  4. Coursepack Copyright Worksheet (B)

Email all completed files to coursematerial@mtroyal.ca.


Previously used and approved Course Packs

If the requested course pack has been submitted and approved this academic year, and there have been no changes to the content, the following forms must be submitted:

  1. Affirmation of No Changes Form (C)
  2. Campus Store Custom Material Worksheet

Email all completed files to coursematerial@mtroyal.ca.


Obtaining Copyright Permission

Once all of the required forms and submittals have been completed and received, the Course Materials Team will forward the request to the copyright advisor for review and approval. These reviews are completed in the order they are received and can take up to 6-8 weeks to obtain permissions.

Note: You may be contacted if there are issues with the submitted material. It is your responsibility to respond in a timely manner in order to prevent any delays in the delivery of the course pack.


Course Pack Proofing & Printing

Once copyright approvals have been granted, the course pack will be sent to Document Services and submitted digitally through PrintSYS to create a proof copy. The instructor will be contacted to provide a signature to approve the proof: Only the course instructor can sign off on the proof.

The proof course pack is the instructor’s copy; any additional copies must be paid for by P-Card. The Campus Store will place orders with Document Services for course packs, which will be made available online and in-store when available.


Additional Resources

Verba Collect has a number of video resources available. These can be accessed by clicking on the “Help” link at the top toolbar in Verba Collect.