General FAQs

Q: When is the best time to purchase my textbooks?

The best time to get your books is early before used books run out, mid August for the Fall semester and December for the Winter semester.


Q: How do I find out what books I need?

After you have registered and paid your fees, use our course list builder to get your personalized booklist.  You have two choices to find your course material. One is a personalized booklist using your Student I.D. number and the other is a search for specific course requirements by selecting a term. If you are checking early, you may need to wait until your term is offered.

Select your department, course and section and it will be added to your list. When you are done adding courses, click “Choose Books”. At this point, you can choose to print or save your list. Then bring the list with you to the campus store, or simply select the materials you want and order them online. If you see multiple listings for the same text it probably means that your professor has approved the use of multiple editions of the same book. Simply decide which edition you wish to buy.


Q: What information should I bring with me when purchasing my textbooks at the Cougars Campus Store?

You should bring your course material list with you when you shop for your books each semester. This is a personalized list based on your registration. Follow the instructions on our course list builder.


Q: What do I do if a book is sold out when I get to the Cougars Campus Store?

Occasionally books are unavailable. In most cases this is not because a book has sold out, but because it simply has not arrived yet. Ask at the text information desk for any learning material inquiries.


Q: How can I pay for my textbooks at the Cougars Campus Store?

The Campus Store accepts cash, Visa, Mastercard, debit, sponsorships, and Cougars Campus Store gift cards.


Q: What if I drop a class or accidentally purchase the wrong book for class?

You have until the add/drop date for that term to do all returns. We require the receipt from the purchase or your invoice slip if purchased online. Items must be in the same condition as they were purchased which includes original packaging & accessories. Refunds will be given back in the same method as the original purchase or on store gift card.


Q: Can I order my textbooks online?

Yes, go to our course list builder. You can have your books delivered to your home or you can pick them up at the campus store during regular Cougars Campus Store hours. You must present a valid picture I.D. at the time of pick up. (Shipping & handling fees will be charged for home or office delivery).


Q: What does it mean when a tag on the shelf says available at cash? What do I do?

It means go to the cash desk and ask for the item you are looking for as the product is located behind the till.


Q: I am a sponsored student. How do I purchase my books?

You can check with your sponsor to make sure they have contacted finance with your sponsorship. You will also need to bring your student I.D. when purchasing your books as your account number is your student number. When you come into the store, check at the cash desk to make sure you have been set up with us.


Q: I have lost my receipt how do I get a new one?

You can talk to a cashier at the cash desk and they will give a receipt reprint form for you to fill in. There is a $5.00 charge for this service.


Q: What if I need to return a book?

We require a valid cash register receipt for all returns and exchanges. New textbooks must be in new condition, as determined by Campus Store management. Used textbooks can be returned in the condition they were purchased. All returns and exchanges on textbooks can be returned by the add/drop date for that term. All textbooks purchased after the add/drop are final sale. MRU print materials (course packs) are not returnable unless you drop the course and must also be in resalable condition. Proof of withdrawal will be required. If you ordered your books online, every shipment will include a printed receipt – this is what you need to return your purchase. Your email notification/order confirmation is not an official receipt.


Q: What other types of products do you sell?

We stock a variety of Mount Royal branded clothing and giftware, study aids and resource materials, dictionaries, stationery, nursing supplies, art supplies, general interest books, adult colouring books and snack food. We also carry bus tickets, bus passes, postage stamps, greeting cards, personal hygiene products, mugs and water bottles and much more.


Online order FAQs

Q: When is my card charged?

Your card is charged when your order is ready to be picked up or shipped. We DO NOT charge your credit card when your order is placed as we can not guarantee that all items are in stock.


Q: I looked at my credit card account online, and it looks like I was charged twice for the same order. Why is this?

You cannot be charged twice for the same order on the website. Your order may have been split into multiple shipments as not all of the items in the order were available. Your credit card only gets charged those items that are processed.


Q: How long does it take to process an order?

Depending on volume and availability, order processing time may take up to 2 business days for pick up in the store. If you choose to ship your order it will be shipped via UPS or via Canada Post which will take an additional 2-7 business days (depending on location and shipping method chosen) to reach you.


Q: Is my information secure when I make a purchase?

Information gathered during the checkout process is secure and no credit card information is kept.


Q: I ordered four books but was only charged for three. What happened to the fourth book?

The fourth book is probably on backorder. Your order will be fulfilled when stock is available. Only then will you credit card be charged for that book.


Q: How do I change my order quantity in the shopping cart?

Make sure that you click on the “Update Cart” button if you make any changes to your order.


Q: What are my shipping options?

For standard ground shipping we use either UPS or Canada Post.


Q: What if I am shipping outside Canada?

Place your order and choose “International – Price to be quoted later” as your shipping option. We will assemble and weigh your order. We will then calculate the costs of the various shipping options available to you. We will email those choices to you. As soon as you reply with your choice we will process and ship your order.


Q: Where is my tracking number?

Depending on method of shipping, you may get a tracking number e-mailed to you once the order has been shipped.


Q: What does shipping cost?

Alberta $9.75

BC/Sask. $14.25

Other Canada $14.75

Other outside of Canada will need to be accessed before processing is complete.


Q: When will I know my order is ready?

You will get an email saying your order has been "shipped" via using your chosen preference.


Q: Can I have someone else pick up the order?

Yes, make sure to change the name in the "Ship to" portion to the person who will pick up the order.


Q: The booklist for my course say BRV (Binder ready version) vs HC (hard cover)?

This means the instructor has given you the choice of buying one of these two formats. In most cases, they are slightly different editions, both of which the instructor has deemed acceptable for the course. DO NOT ORDER BOTH OF THEM. BRV is less expensive but cannot be sold back through buyback as we can’t guarantee that all the pages are included.


Q: Do I need to have the order shipped to me or can you hold them for me at the Cougars Campus Store?

You can choose to either have the order shipped to you or to pick them up at the store. The default shipping method is in-store pick up. Please fill out the shipping address information even if you are not having them shipped. If you would like to have the order shipped to you, please select the applicable shipping method and click on APPLY SHIPPING METHOD. If you do not click that, your order will go back to in-store pick up.


Q: I chose to pick up at the store. Where do I get my order?

You may pick up your order at the cash desk during regular Campus Store hours. During the beginning of the Fall and Winter semesters pick up is located at the side door (Room I105). You must bring photo identification with you.


Q: I just placed my order. When will it be ready?

Order fulfillment time varies depending on availability of supplies and quantity of orders. You will initially receive an email confirmation receipt of your order. Once your order is ready for pick-up you will receive a shipping confirmation email. If you chose to pick up at the store, please wait two hours after receiving this email to come in and pick up your books. During peak periods orders will may up to 2 business days to process.


Q: How do I cancel some or all of the books on my order?

You cannot cancel the order online. You must contact the online order department at onlineorders@mtroyal.ca with your order number.


Q: How do I change my password or email address?

You can change your password or email address on the My Account login page.


Q: Can I use my gift card to purchase books online?

Yes, you can use your gift card online by typing in the gift card number in the Gift card field during the checkout process. We still require a credit card number to process the order in case the balance is less than the purchase price.


Q: If you need to return a book, what can I do?

You may return your textbooks with the original receipt included in the package you received. All Campus Store return policies are applicable.


Q: I am a sponsor student can I order books online and put it on my sponsorship?

No. Please come to the Campus Store to purchase your course materials.


Q: What happens if I allow substitutions? Does this mean I’m going to be getting random books if mine isn’t available?

If you allow substitutions, only new or used copies of the exact book you ordered will be processed. If you do not allow substitutions and the requested book will not be available in the foreseeable future, the book will get cancelled as we cannot fulfill the order as requested.


Q: I ordered used books and allowed for substitutions. Why was I charged more than what my email notification stated?

Used copies were not available when your order was getting processed and you allowed substitutions, so a new copy of the book was charged and included in your order. Because the prices aren’t the same for used and new books, the total estimating the cost of your order is not the same as what was charged. Please refer to the receipt included with your order to find prices and the total charged to your credit card.


Q: I don’t have a credit card can I use debit?

Unfortunately our system doesn’t accept debit or debit Visa. Only Visa, Mastercard and Cougars Campus Store gift cards are authorized tenders.


Textbook FAQs

Q: What is a course pack?

A course pack is created by your professor specifically for your course. It may include book excerpts, journal articles, or course notes. Some out-of-print books are reproduced as course packs. The Cougars Campus Store obtains copyright authorization from the copyright holder to reproduce materials for classroom use. Course packs are printed at the Mount Royal University Digital Print Centre. Course packs are non-returnable.


Q: What if there is no listing for my course?

If your department or course isn’t listed it usually means that we haven’t received a textbook adoption from your instructor. Please note that we receive textbook adoptions up to (and after) the first day of classes. Check back often, speak to your instructor, or contact us and we’ll try to help you out.


Q: How do I use my booklist?

You have two choices to find your course material. One is a personalized booklist using your Student I.D. number and the other is a search for specific course requirements by selecting a term. If you are checking early, you may need to wait until your term is offered.

Select your department, course and section and it will be added to your list. When you are done adding courses, click “Choose Books”. At this point, you can choose to print or save your list. Then bring the list with you to the Cougars Campus Store, or simply select the materials you want and order them online. If you see multiple listings for the same text it probably means that you professor has approved the use of multiple formats of the same book. Simply decide which format you wish to buy.


Q: What is the difference between a required and optional textbook?

A required textbook is a book your professor has chosen which contains necessary readings and materials for successful completion of the course. An optional book is supplemental material chosen to assist in your studies, however is not mandatory for the course. These can include study guides or bar charts.


Q: How do I find my textbooks in the Cougars Campus Store?

Textbooks are arranged alphabetically by department and then numerically by course number. There are signs hanging from the ceiling and posted at the end of the units to help you.


Q: What if the shelf is empty?

If it is before classes start, chances are the material has not yet arrived. You can order online and your order will be filled when the book arrives or check back again to see if it has arrived. If classes have started, please check at the text information counter. We can order an additional copy for you, depending on how far we are into the semester. You may be required to prepay for the material.


Q. If I need to return a book, what can I do?

You may return your textbooks with the original receipt and original method of payment for a refund by the add/drop date of each semester. There are some items that are non-refundable.


Q. How do I find the books I need for my classes?

You can view a custom booklist on our course list builder.


eBook FAQs

Note: Not all eBooks are permanently yours – some of them are accessible for 180 days or 360 days. Think of them as a rental book.


Q: What is an eBook?

An eBook is the digital equivalent of a printed book which can be viewed online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some eBooks will require WiFi to be accessed.


Q: Why would I buy an eBook?

  • Save up to 50%
  • They are environmentally friendly
  • You don’t have to haul around heavy books


Q: What I am having problems with my eBook?

Please go to campusebookstore.com for support. There are FAQs and support videos, as well as being able to start a new support ticket if needed.


Q: I’m trying to redeem my code. How do I do that?

Please ensure that you aren’t on the secure bookstore.mtroyal.ca website as the redemption box may not appear. Enter in the code that was given to you and then follow the instructions on the screen.


Q: How do I find eBooks in the Cougars Campus Store?

eBooks are identified by a blue and white card located on the shelves with the printed textbook.


Q: Do I have to pay for eBooks?

Yes, the prices are listed on the Course shelf tags. On average, you’ll be saving 50% off the new book price.


Q: Can I access eBooks off campus?



Q: Can I return my eBook?

Yes, but only if you have not accessed it.


Q: What if I delete my eBook?

Visit campusebookstore.com for assistance.


Q: How long do I have access to an eBook? Is there a time limit on reading eBooks?

Restrictions, if any, will be detailed on the purchase card. Generally the minimum is 180 days, maximum 360 days. Some publishers place printing and time restrictions on their eBooks.


Q: Can I print or copy text from an eBook?

If the publisher has enabled printing, then yes, you can print pages from your eBook.


Q: Are eBooks accessible to people with disabilities?

If the publisher has enabled the “Read out Loud” feature, the eBook can be read by your computer. eReaders allow you to “zoom in” on text to increase its size.


iClicker FAQs

Some courses offered at Mount Royal University require the use of a classroom responder system. Known as the iclicker, this hand held device can be purchased at the Cougars Campus Store.


Q: What is the iclicker used for?

You use it to respond to questions posed in class by your Instructor/Professor. Simple instructions on its use are on the back of the iclicker and on the packaging. You should bring the iclicker to class unless otherwise instructed.


Q: Why is an iclicker required for my class?

Using the iclicker to respond to the instructor’s questions helps generate discussion among classmates, gives the instructor a clear sense of how the class is doing and ultimately improves comprehension and learning.


Q: How do I know if I need to buy an iclicker?

Just like your textbooks, your professor will contact the Cougars Campus Store to let us know which courses require an iclicker. It will be listed on our Booklist along with the textbooks you need for each course.


Q: Where do I get it?

The iclicker is available at the Cougars Campus Store at the cash desk.


Q: I placed an order online; will the iclicker be included in my order?

You must specify that you want to have the iclicker included in your online order.


Q: How much is it?

Please check the website under ordering your textbooks.


Q: What if I bought an iclicker and I don’t need it for my class?

Iclickers can be returned, provided the package is unopened and accompanied by a receipt, by the add/drop date of that semester.


Q: Will you buy back the iclicker?



Q: What happens if it doesn’t work?

Please contact iclicker.com for technical support.


Q: If an iclicker is required for more than one of my classes, do I need to buy more than one?



Q: What is the iclicker app, Reef?

Students may purchase a REEF code. This code is an app that can be accessed via smart phones. Some Professors do not allow the use of this app so please check with your professor before purchasing.



Q: I see on your shelves that you have used books and new books for sale. Where do the used books come from?

The Cougars Campus Store purchases textbooks from students year round. We also buy used books from wholesalers and other schools across Canada.


Q: Why should I sell my textbooks back to the Cougars Campus Store at the end of the semester?

The Cougars Campus Store offers its buyback service for two basic reasons:

  1. to provide students with funds for books they no longer need
  2. to provide a supply of used books for students to buy at substantial savings


Q: What determines how much I get paid when I sell my books back to the Cougars Campus Store?

The buyback price is determined by different factors. If the book is used on campus we pay 50% of the new price of the book regardless of whether it was purchased new or used. If other schools or wholesalers purchase the books the percentage is less. You can go to the following link and see if we are purchasing your books at this time - you will need the ISBN (13 digits) to get the price. Prices given are at real time and therefore not guaranteed.


Q: When does the Cougars Campus Store buyback textbooks?

We purchase textbooks throughout the year. The largest list occurs during exams. Books are added to the buyback list when we learn that they will be needed in the next term.


Q: When is the best time to sell my textbooks?

The best time to sell your textbooks is during final exams.


Q: Do I get cash for selling my books?

No, all funds are given back on either credit card or debit card.


Q: Do I need anything else to sell my books?

Yes you will be required to have a valid student I.D.


Q: What condition do my books need to be in?

Minimal highlighting, no water damage or stains and spines must be intact. Workbooks should have no writing in them. Any CDs/DVDs that were included with book should accompany the book.


Q: Do you buy back used books?

Yes we do, depending on the condition.


Q: Why would my book not be bought back?

There are a variety of reasons:

  • the professor is choosing a new book
  • the course is offered in alternate terms
  • the book is going into a new edition
  • the Cougars Campus Store already has enough copies in stock
  • the course is being taught by a different professor, who is choosing a new book
  • the campus store has not yet heard that the book is being used again


Q: How can I find out if my book is on the buyback list?

Use the 13 digit ISBN in order to check our buyback database.


Clothing FAQs

Q: How do I know what size to purchase?

We have a sizing chart to aid you with purchasing the correct size.


Q: Can I return an item?

The return policy is 7 days from date of purchase to return clothing items. A receipt from the original purchase is required. Clothing cannot be returned after it has been worn, soiled, damaged or stained. All tags must be on the garment and not removed. All clothing must be in new condition, as determined by the Cougars Campus Store management.


Q: When can I purchase a program hoodie?

Program hoodies can be purchased for a two week period starting the end of September and the end of January. All orders are pre-pay. Orders take approximately 4-6 weeks after the deadline to arrive. You will be e-mailed or phoned once the order is in. There must be a minimum of 4 students in the program to order the hoodies. An order can be placed at any time of the year, provided there are the same program.


Q: When can I purchase or pre-order a graduation hoodie?

Graduation hoodies are available for order approximately two months before Spring and Fall convocations. They are available to pre-order in the store or online at these times. These can be also be purchased on the day of convocation at the Cougars Campus Store  or the kiosk located outside the convocation area. All purchases are pre-pay. You will be emailed or phoned once the order is in. Orders will be approximately 4 -6 weeks after convocation to arrive.


Q: Can my campus club or student society order custom clothing?

Yes, but all special orders are subject to minimums set by our suppliers. These range from 4 to 24, depending on the type of clothing. Check with general merchandise staff at the Cougars Campus Store for more details.


Program hoodie FAQs

Q. When can I order my program hoodies?

Program hoodies can be ordered on a pre-pay basis for a two-week period starting the last week of the first month of both the fall and winter semesters (January and September). If, however, if you have 4 people all ordering the same hoodie, you may place your orders at any time with the cashiers.


Q. What is the cost for the hoodies?

$42.99 plus tax


Q. Are the samples for me to try on?

Because the program hoodies are all custom-ordered, there are no identical samples to try on. However, the brand used for the program hoodies is the same as the one used for our logo hoodies so you can try them on for sizing.


Q. Is there a minimum order for the program hoodies?

Each program must have a minimum of 4 orders placed. If you order one “Geology” program hoodies, for example, then at least 3 other people must order the same hoodie for your order to proceed.


Q. Can I return or exchange my hoodie after I receive it?

Because we only bring these program hoodies in as custom orders, there are no exchanges or returns. The only circumstance under which we can refund money is if we do not receive the minimum 4 orders required to proceed with your order.


Q. What program can I choose from?

We have a sheet listing all the program hoodies we have produced to date. If the program you are looking for is not on the list, we can still produce one for you provided 3 other people want the same program. (However, new program names must now be restricted to one line.)


Q. What colours are the hoodies available in?

Traditionally, the hoodies come in the traditional navy blue lettering: you can also order one in either sport grey or dark heather, with blue lettering.


Q. If I don’t like hoodies, can I order a program crewneck sweater instead?

Yes, nut these are a separate order, with the same minimum of 4. The crewneck price is $36.99 plus tax.


Q. What brand and fabric are the hoodies?

The brand we use for our program hoodies is Gildan – heavy blend. It is 14 oz. cotton/polyester preshrunk fleece: air-jet spun yard for a softer feel and no piling.


Q. What sizes are the program hoodies available in?

Our standard sizes for the program hoodies are S, M, L, XL and XXL. If required, we can provide the hoodies in XS or 3XL. However, please be advised that the XS size is actually a large Youth size and thus you may find the arms and/or body are too short for you; ask our staff to see our one XS sizing sample before you decide to proceed with an XS order.


Gift card FAQs

They make an ideal gift for any student. They can be purchased online or at any cashier desk.

You can use it online or in-store. A gift card can be shipped directly to any address or picked up in store.

The amounts can be a minimum of $5.00 to a maximum of $500.00


Q: Do gift cards have an expiry date?



Q: Where can I purchase a gift card?

They can be purchased both online and in the Cougars Campus Store.


Q: Where can I redeem a gift card?

They can be redeemed both online and in the Cougars Campus Store.


Q: Can I return a gift card?

Unfortunately the Cougars Campus Store does not accept any returns or exchanges on gift cards.


Q: Do gifts cards have a cash value?

No, gift cards themselves do not have a cash value.


Q: How do I check my card balance?

You can come into the Cougars Campus Store and get the cashier to look it up for you.


Q: What if my card is damaged, lost or stolen?

If you card has been lost or stolen, we cannot replace the lost or stolen card as your name is not attached with the card number and there isn’t a way to track it down.. Damaged cards can be still used as long as you have them as we can enter the number manually into the system.


Q: Can I order a gift card online and ship it to a student?

Yes, with the value you choose.