Buying Your Textbooks – A Step-by-Step Guide 

Before you start

You’ll need your course schedule to get your textbooks. Find your course schedule on MyMRU. Select the “Register & Pay” tab followed by “My Course Schedule”. You can also find your course schedule on Blackboard.

Once you have your course schedule, it’s time to find your books using the Course List Builder. In the following how-to guide, look for the bold words and image indicators for direction on where to click/navigate. If you have questions, please email Let’s get started!


Selecting your books

Step 1: Open your browser, preferably Chrome or Safari and go to or

Step 2: Click “Shop All” and select “Textbooks” in the dropdown menu.

Screenshot of Cougars Campus Store website with 'Shop All' menu selected, and arrow points to 'Textbook' in the drop down


Step 3: This semester the option to search by student ID is unavailable. Use the tables under “Find Your Courses” and choose the current term.

Screenshot of the Course List Builder web page with 'Find your courses' highlighted and 'Winter 2021' selected under 'Term'


Step 3 a: Then choose the department, course and section. All of this information can be found on your course outline or student schedule which is accessible through Blackboard or MyMRU.

Note that departments, courses and sections can only be selected individually and are highlighted in grey. This means you will need to select each course and section separately. Some sections will list TBC instead of the instructor’s name but the section number shown is most important.

Screenshot of the Department, Course and Section lists on the Course List Builder. 'ARTH - Art History' is selected under Department, '1101' is selected under Course and there is no Section selected.


Step 4: Once you click the correct section, the course(s) should now appear in the “Selected Courses” box with red X’s. If everything looks correct, click the blue “Choose Books” button.

Screenshot of the Course List Builder web page. There are two courses under 'Selected Courses' and there is an arrow pointing at the 'Choose Books' button.


Step 5: Now your booklist is generated. Choose whether you would like New, Used or an eBook copy of the book(s) you need.

It’s also important to look out for “Optional” versus “Required” materials. Optional are texts assigned by the instructor but are not mandatory for your course. You should purchase the required materials.

Please note that not all books have used or eBook options available. Packages with codes (identified with PKG, Wiley Plus, Mindtap, Sapling, MyLab or REVEL) cannot be re-used.

If you’ve got all your books, click the blue “Add to Cart” button.

Screenshot of the 'Courses' page on the 'Course List Builder'. The 'Required Materials' heading is circled and the 'Substitution' radio button is highlighted with an arrow pointing to it. Lower down the 'Optional Materials' heading is circled and there is an arrow pointing to the 'Add to Cart' button.


Ready to pay and ship

Step 6: If you’re ready to review what’s in your cart, click the orange “View Cart” button in the top right-hand corner.

Screenshot of the 'Item successfully added to cart' confirmation with an arrow pointing to the shopping cart at the top of the page


Step 7: Double-check that everything you need is added to your cart. If you’re ready to proceed, click the blue ‘Checkout’ button. If you need to make changes to your cart click the ‘Continue Shopping’ button.

Screenshot of a shopping cart with textbooks.


Step 8: Enter your email, shipping and billing address, and gift card number if applicable. You must enter your shipping and billing address even when choosing on-campus pickup.

The default payment type is by credit card. We accept Visa, VisaDebit, Debit and Mastercard online. We do not accept AMEX or Mastercard Debit cards.

Screenshot of the Secure checkout page with important payement and shipping details highlighted.


Step 9a: The shipping methods are only shown after you input your shipping information. This is the case even if you want to select on-campus pickup. 

Be sure to choose the shipping method that works best for you. Many customers want delivery but accidentally choose on-campus pickup. Be sure to double-check before confirming your order.

Click the blue “Apply Shipping Method” button to continue.

Screenshot of the 'Shipping Method' part of the Secure Checkout page'


Step 9b: You will need to complete the shipping and billing sections, select shipping method, review your shopping cart, complete the order notes (if applicable), and select “Continue order” to input credit/debit card information in the next window. You will know if you’ve done this correctly because all page headings will turn green, including the “Continue order” button.

The order notes should be used to tell us anything else we might need to know. For example, if someone else will be picking up your order, you can put that information in the “Order Notes” box.

If you’re ready to proceed, click on the green “Continue order” button.

Screenshot of a filled out Secutre Checkout page. The 'Account' heading has turned green and is circled. The order notes heading has been circled as well. The 'Continue order' button is green, and has an arrow pointing to it.


Step 10: You will be redirected to the secure online payment page to enter your credit or debit card information. Enter your payment information and click on the green “Submit” button.

Screenshot of the credit or debit payment information page.


Confirmation emails

Step 11: You will receive a confirmation email outlining the details of your order and order number. This email means that we are processing your order. Please keep it available for future reference just in case there is an issue with your order.

Screenshot of the order confirmation/receipt page.

If you need to cancel or make changes to your order, contact or use the contact form on the website. Order adjustments cannot be made in your online account.


Step 12: You will receive a second email when your order “ships” via on-campus pickup or delivery. If the order is shipped you will receive tracking information with delivery details. If you opted for on-campus pickup, this email will contain a link to Eventbrite to book your on-campus pickup appointment. Please bring a piece of government-issued photo ID and have your order number handy when you come to campus.

Screenshot of the confirmation email users recieve upon placing an order.


You’re done!

Thank you for shopping at the Cougars Campus Store and good luck with your studies!