Selling used textbooks

Buyback takes place 4 times a year on Main Street: at the beginning of Fall semester in September, through final exams in December, for the first week of January, and at the end of Winter semester in April.

Buyback is open:

  • Dec. 16 20, 2019
  • Jan. 6 10, 2020


How Buyback works

Tell us which books you want to sell and we'll tell you how much we can give you for them.

  • When a book is being used at MRU for the next term, we are able to offer students up to 50% of the new price.
  • When a book is needed by another Canadian institution, we are able to offer up to 30% of the new price.
  • When a book is purchased for a used book wholesaler, we are able to offer approximately 10-30% of the new price. It all depends upon demand.
  • Photo ID and credit/debit cards are required because buyback is cashless.


Sell or check your book

Want to be notified when we're buying your books back? Sign up for Buyback Alerts or try the Used Books Classifieds to buy and sell books privately between students.


Buyback FAQs

Q: I see on your shelves that you have used books and new books for sale. Where do the used books come from?

The Campus Store purchases textbooks from MRU students year as well as other schools across Canada and US used book wholesalers.


Q: Do you buy back used books?

Yes we do as long as they are in decent, readable condition and not water damaged.


Q: Why should I sell my textbooks back to the Cougars Campus Store at the end of the semester?

The Cougars Campus Store offers its buyback service for two basic reasons:

  1. to provide students with funds for books they no longer need
  2. to provide a supply of used books for students to buy at substantial savings. Used books save everyone money!


Q: What determines how much I get paid when I sell my books back to the Cougars Campus Store?

The buyback price is determined by different factors. If the book is used on our campus we pay 50% of the new price of the book regardless of whether it was purchased new or used. If other schools or wholesalers purchase the books the percentage is less.


Q: Do I get cash for selling my books?

No, all funds are given back on either credit card or debit card.


Q: Do I need anything else to sell my books?

Yes. You will be required to have a valid student I.D.


Q: What condition do my books need to be in?

Minimal highlighting, no water damage or stains and spines must be intact. Workbooks should have no writing in them. Any CDs/DVDs that were included with book should accompany the book.


Q: How can I find out if my book is on the buyback list?

Enter the 13 digit ISBN into our Buyback database.