Tips for buying your textbooks

Before you buy your textbooks, plan ahead

By shopping early, you can get the best selection, and avoid the rush. The early bird gets the worm! Used textbooks are in high demand and generally sell out quickly.  Get your personalized Booklist and order online or print it and bring it into the bookstore.

The BookList is updated regularly as we get new text requests. Review your list of registered courses and the corresponding book list to ensure that you are buying the right books.

Locating your textbooks in the Store

Texts are shelved at the rear of the bookstore and arranged alphabetically by course code,  Within each discipline, textbooks are shelved numerically by course number and then section number. Each text has an accompanying shelf tag. Continuing Education books are shelved in the Continuing Education area located near the back of the bookstore on the right hand side.

Buying your textbooks

  • Check your "BookList" before making your purchase. Different sections of the same class may use different books. Know Your Section!
  • Check the BookList for an "R" or an "O". "R" stands for required and students must have the text to complete the course. "O" means optional and these books titles are supplemental, recommended by the instructor.

Note: Some materials you purchase are not returnable.  Please contact the bookstore for further details.