Using your textbooks

  • Have a notebook, pen & highlighter handy.
  • Read the Preface — why the author wrote it.
  • Scan the table of contents, before first assignment.
  • Check the back for appendices, a glossary and index.
  • Scan the chapter outline — major topics covered.
  • Pre-read: scan the chapter, noting graphs, tables, pictures, photos text boxes and summaries.
  • Be an active reader — ask questions as you read.
  • Take notes/write questions in margins.
  • Highlight key phrases, definitions and concepts.
  • Beware of notes and highlighting made by another student — they may be incorrect.
  • Examine graphics carefully when referenced.
  • Reread material you find difficult to understand.
  • Learn the meaning of new words before continuing.
  • Read beyond the text — additional readings, study guides, tapes or CD-ROMs.
  • Bring the text to each class.